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ABOUT US — Overview

About the Author — Cris Lindsey  

Cris Lindsey was born in Wadesboro, NC., son of Evelyn and Kenneth Lindsey. His father was in the U.S. Navy, when he met Cris's mother. Like father like sons, with the exception of one, Cris has four brothers whom are all in the U.S. Navy. Cris's experience in education began with him teaching in Madrid, Spain at the Hill House Montessori Schools. His concept for writing children books came from his desire for his daughter to be able to read at an early age. He began his concept when his daughter was only three years of age, and he had created his first book "See I Can Read", at the end of 1999.

Cris began selling his books at a kiosk in Chesapeake Square Mall in Chesapeake, VA where he sold copies of Volume 1. For the next six years to follow, parents were asking Cris for more of the books. In 2005, Cris went to work for one year in New Orleans following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. When he returned to Virginia he began working, finalizing his five volume series for mass production. Working together with Wilheimina Long, creative/graphic designer, and a book printing company, the books were prepared in hard back and ready for the public. "See I Can Read" books can be purchased in the Borders Book Store in Virginia Beach, VA; Busy Bee Children Clothing and Accessory Store in Hill Top, Virginia Beach, VA; Prince Books in Norfolk, VA; Lawrence Pharmacy in Chesapeake, VA; A&B Books in Texas, as well as through purchasing online.

It is Cris's hopes and dreams to see his books in children's hands around the world, inspiring a passion in children to read, teaching them to be good readers and explore the world through books. From the sales of his books, Cris will donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that service children. It is also Cris's goal to raise enough money to start an organization to help single parents trying to raise their children by themselves —he feels the children should not have to suffer because of a lack of needs to provide for them. Save the children and give them a fighting chance. Give a child a book.


History and Credits

SEE I Can Read™ children's books are designed to teach 3 to 6 year olds to read by themselves. The concept was conceived as Cris Lindsey, President of Millennium 2000 Publishing Company, was working with his daughter Sarah. He wanted her to be able to read her own mail when he wrote to her. He created the books to give his daughter as well as other children a sense of independence. The books were created using picture illustrations to form the sentences, with the actual words written under the pictures so that the child can recognize the pictures and associate it with the word beneath it.

Case Studies

This method has proven itself very effective with young children. Once they realize that they can read, by following the picture illustration, they become so excited and their desire to read, becomes even greater. Now the child can read like big brother or big sister, like mommy and daddy, which makes that little child feel important and not excluded. Now the child can pick up his or her book, and proceed to read to mommy, daddy, big brother, or big sister. The child feels good about himself, and confident. This confidence generally carries on to other task they soon encounter in their everyday adventures in life. It gives the children the desire to excel in all they attempt to do in their struggle to seek out their independence.

Credits and Special Thanks

DR. JUDY AMICK — Cris Lindsey's mentor. She encouraged him to better himself, and to never settle for second best. Dr. Amick believed in Cris and been very supportive of his works. He worked with Dr. Amick in her Montessori schools in Madrid, Spain, and she also owned four Montessori schools in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Amick is one of the greatest educators the world has ever known.

CASSIE PERRY — A personal friend and illustrator. Cassie has made a wonderful contribution to the book series through her illustrations. The children as well as the adults love her drawings.

WILHEIMINA LONG — A friend and founder of Youth Matter Inc, Wilheimina assisted with the layout and format of the book series through her design skills. She is also responsible for furthering the research and development of the books by acting as a representative for Millennium 2000 Publishing Company™. Wilheimina heads the non-profit organization, Youth Matter, Inc., that endorses this project and are actively seeking grant funds to publish these books to circulate as a youth literary product.

EVELYN LINDSEY — Cris Lindsey's mother. She encouraged him to become a children's book author. She is a world-renowned educator of God's word as well as a school teacher.

SARAH CRISTINE LINDSEY — Cris Lindsey's daughter. Sarah is who Cris wrote his first books for. She is a wonderful loving, and caring princess, whom he loves dearly.

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